Twizm Whyte Piece, An iconic Caucasian artist whose name means -T.he W.orld IZ M.ine, is a multi-award-winning hip-hop performing artist with a very different story. This unique & refreshing entertainer Is moving mountains amidst the meaningless masses. The classic cliche " Diamond In The Rough " comes to mind when you refer to Twp. 

Only once every 10 or so years does an artist come along who can completely redefine the music world & in Twp that is the case. If Eminem were 2Pac then Twizm Whyte Piece would be The Notorious Big.

   Having chosen to pursue the street life as a gang member selling guns  & drugs,  Twp is no stranger to the wrong kind of life being jailed multiple times & charged with various levels of felonies even going as far as getting addicted to his own product that eventually led him down a path spiraling out of control with addictions, gang shootings, incarceration & more. After losing his wife, kids, freedom, & self, Twp hit the very bottom strung out, desperate, & hopeless.  Facing 17 years Twp copped out to a plea deal & completed all requirements for the successful ending of his criminal charges  in 2010   

In 2013  living in Indianapolis, Indiana, Twizm Whyte Piece's life would change forever. On October 31st, with Twp again embroiled in gang life & criminal activities, Twp was caught up in a drive-by that caused 2 people to be shot 3 people to go to the hospital & the birth of his 5th child 5 months prematurely.

Since That Day Twp started a brand new journey becoming a hip-hop entertainment sensation & garnering thousands of fans. Twp Is a masterful lyricist possessing a new-age style of real & thought based lyricism that is smooth & breezy yet confidant & relatable. Staying far away from the stereotypical " wild boy " factor Twp loves to create music for the ages by bringing to life qualities such as love, fun, & living life for the moment. Twp has had his music compared to Eminem, Kanye West, & LL Cool J while still creating a legacy through his own uniqueness. Twp has been featured In multiple entertainment & media publications with the most notable being " The Hype Magazine " in 2019.

Twizm Whyte Piece has just released his 15th album titled " 2020Twizm " a shining testament to the exciting change that is happening in hip-hop/rap music today as well as firm validity of Twp's ability to maintain & thrive in today's industry.  Fans young & old are captivated by Twp's universal, Inclusive, & loving Image in this highly energized world we live in & for a good cause because this creative Gemini born May 22nd, 1983 has created 15 albums, hundred's of thousand's of independently earned streams & several music videos with over 10 thousand plays each.  When you add all this info to the fact Twp has performed 164 shows in 2 countries ( including opening for Canadian sensations " Demi-Gods, American Sensation Blake Selby, performing at Carivaughan Festival " ), you suddenly fall in love with the experienced Hip-hop entertainer he is.

Twp is gaining more & more attention for his intricate lyricism, universal themes, family-friendly image & fan orientated philosophy so it is no question that 2020 holds a lot of promise for this electrifying, iconic, & superstar entertainer. 

Multi Award Winning Hip - hop Artist Twizm Whyte Piece

Multi Award Winning Hip - hop Artist Twizm Whyte Piece 


The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell

The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell

The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell

The jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell Interviews Twizm Whyte Piece

Anything Goes Project

The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell

The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell

Mike Symonds From Anything Goes Project Interviews Twizm whyte Piece

Brrs Media

The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell

The Xander Effect

Big Rich From The Big Rich Show Interviews Twizm Whyte Piece

The Xander Effect

Deeper Than Music Podcast

The Xander Effect

Xander Dames From the Xander Effect Podcast Interviews Twizm Whyte Piece

Deeper Than Music Podcast

Deeper Than Music Podcast

Deeper Than Music Podcast

Furyus From Deeper Than Music Podcast Interview Twizm Whyte Piece


Deeper Than Music Podcast

Deeper Than Music Podcast

Keys Dan From RadiWhat Interviews Twizm Whyte Piece #TwpNation


TuneLoud Review Staff- March 9th - 2020

 “2020Twizm” hits hard and cuts deep, and being the artist’s 15th album release, proves that  a great beat, a catchy hook, flawless flow changes, and some amazing lyricism, are only some of the elements that make Twizm Whyte Piece entertaining. ... Learn More 

The Hype Magazine - November 7th - 2019

 Living his dream after escaping from a nightmare, his name symbolizes, T.he W.orld IZ M.ine, and it very well might be  .... Learn More 

Addison Coleman - FamousAndMade - November 14th - 2019

 If Lizzo and Eminem had a love child it would be Twizm Whyte Piece.

The Canada based artist is definitely someone to keep your eye out for. He’s authentic and that comes through in his songs and lyrics.  .... Learn More  

TuneLoud Review Staff - September 26 - 2019

 This album holds your attention from start to finish because of the lyrics, but also the music – the solid production all throughout, offers a perfect background to the blazing poetry. It’s so rare nowadays to have an album which has that kind of artistic integrity throughout.

Not just content on bringing words together, Twizm Whyte Piece explores the choices of life in all its different facets. In that regard “Dreams To Reality” more than fascinates. It marks the return of quality emceeing in the current musical climate.  .... Learn More  

Richest Mofo Magazine - November 29th - 2019

After a stellar interview in The Hype Magazine, indie hip-hop artist Twizm Whyte Piece has just released his highly anticipated new music video “Ice Cream,” which had it’s debut on The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, the #1Webshow in the world.   .... Learn More  

Press Party - November 18th - 2019

Indie Hip-Hop Artist Twizm Whyte Piece Drops New Music Video “Always On My Grind” feat. Christian  .... Learn More  

Rick Jamm - October 29th - 2019

Twizm establishes the dominance of his craft several times throughout the record, and this track in particular which deals in the person, also allows for him to get a bit more intimate with his audience and to keep that connection going. With cerebral muscles and lyrical ammunition that could lay waste to the entire mumble rap wave   .... Learn More  

Buddy Nelson - November 4th - 2018

 The award-winning rapper has definitely taken another big step on his road to becoming one of the premier rappers in the business.   .... Learn More  

Jacob Aiden - March 31st - 2017

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this album, is how many rappers fail to impress after a couple of releases –  they have no idea who the fuck they are. And as such drag listeners around dead-end streets while they fake street cred and spit unlikely rhymes that have nothing to do with their persona. That has never happened to Twizm Whyte Piece on any of his releases  .... Learn More  

Buddy Nelson - October 6 - 2016

 clearly displays his extraordinary talent not only as a rapper, but as a lyricist as well. At the end of the day his originality is what sets him apart. He is straight up raw and passionate!   .... Learn More  

Jimmy Stars World - October 30th - 2019

Twizm Whyte Piece Is moving mountains amidst the meaningless masses  .... Learn More  


The Akademia Award Winner

 'This rap opus brings a new sound to dedicated fans of the genre - 'Twp - 3:16' covers a variety of concepts drawn from personal experience, deftly articulating the reality behind the image.'   .... Learn More  

Trv Countdown Video Of The Day - 100 - September 20 - 2019

Poze Productions Award Winner - 2015

Ice Cream Music Video

Ice Cream Music Video 

Always On My Grind Featuring Cristian

Father And Son Collab