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New Performance Video - August 15th 2019 - Toronto

Twizm Whyte Piece - Performance 163 - The Showcase Tour - Toronto 


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Never Give Up

This Is Your Life... Live It the Way You Want But Whatever You do ... Live It To The Fullest Experiencing Every breath And Savoring every Minute  

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Live Life in Song

My Music Is a Reflection Of The Life I Have Lived ... The Trials and The Struggles .. The Fun and The Money .. The Endless Quest To become The Next Hiphop / Rap Superstar And Show The World That An Iconic White Hiphop Artist Does Exist .. If Eminem Equals 2pac Then Twizm Equals Biggie  

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Be Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration all around me... The World Is Full Of Artists bringing The Wrong Message..   I try to make my music representative of myself , my generation ,  & For Future Generations .. I Enjoy Experiencing This Life to The Fullest In Every Way 

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Live Performance Video

163 Shows In 2 Countries With Over 120 + Songs ... I Have the Knowledge , Ability & Energy To Entertain A huge Crowd .. Biggest I have Rocked To Date Was around 500 But with Your Help We Can Make It 100000 .. So Don't Waste Time And Start Telling the World today About Twizm Whyte Piece .. Plz and Thank You ... Oh And P.s I have Something Like 100 videos So I'm Sure You Will Find Something You Love By visiting Youtube 

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So I Totally Love  Everyone ... Like I Am One Of Those Peace Loving Tree Hugging Hippie kind Of People And I Totally Want You To have Something For Free Just For Visiting my Website 

Hidden Prophecy Mixtape (zip)


Colt City - Twizm Whyte Piece (mp3)


Dead President's - Twizm Whyte Piece (mp3)


Twizm Whyte Piece - 100 (mp3)


Twizm Whyte Piece - The Seduction (mp3)


Unstoppable - Twizm Whyte Piece (mp4)


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I Have 5 children And no Professional Team ... If A video has To be Made I have To Either Attempt to film It on a android phone Or Buy Visuals That Dont Match What I Want To Express ... Shows come Along And being A Family Man I Cannot Afford Them ... Microphones break .. Promotion needs To be Paid For ... So Many Things Required just To Try To succeed .. I Am Always Blessed By any help that Comes Along ... Plus I Send Everyone Who helps A tshirt , Keychain , Flyer And Personalized Photo to Say Thank You .. I Invite You To be Apart Of The Journey To be A SuperStar And Appreciate Your Kindness - TWP -

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Jimmy Star

Twizm Whyte Piece Recommends Rocking With Jimmy star And Ron Russell #TwpNation #JimmystarShow

The King Of Cool Along With Ron Russell Bring To Life The #JimmyStarShow Find Out More And Visit The Website 

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Aidem Music Group

Twizm Whyte Piece Shows Support for Aidem Music Group And Mike Neely #TwPnation

Mike Neely And  Staff Provide  Amazing Results For Your Independent  Journey Thru Music Visit The Website 

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Bytch Fest

Twizm Whyte Piece Shows Support For Bytch Fest and The Content Provided #TwpNation #Bytchfest

 Bytch Fest is a platform for woman to discuss their opinions. Whatever's on your mind. 

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Twizm Whyte Piece Shows Support For B Da niccle network And Martu Moorhouse #TwpNation


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 WOAP Owosso serving Shiawassee County, Owosso, Corunna and mid-Michigan with Hondo Carpenter and Spartan Nation Radio and The Widest Music ... 

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