Twizm Whyte Piece

Twizm Whyte Piece

Twizm Whyte PieceTwizm Whyte PieceTwizm Whyte Piece

Twizm Whyte Piece

Twizm Whyte Piece

Twizm Whyte PieceTwizm Whyte PieceTwizm Whyte Piece


Twizm Whyte Piece American Super Star Rapper


Twizm Whyte Piece ,  is a multi award winning artist / performer/ ceo of Fcr247 radio station. An iconic Caucasian artist whose name means -T.he W.orld IZ M.ine - is a father Of 5 married to the same mother of all 5 kids. Twp chose to pursue the street life as a gang member selling guns  & drugs until getting addicted to his own product that eventually led him down a path spiraling out of control with  addictions , shootings , jail , prison & more. After losing his wife , kids , freedom , & self , Twp hit the very bottom. In 2008 Twp evolved into something more than his past self  & after overcoming all these trials & tribulations Twp started a brand new journey becoming  an independent unsigned entertainment talent winning multiple awards  & garnering thousands of fans while creating years of memories. Twp Is a masterful lyricist possessing a new age style that is smooth & breezy yet confidant & relatable. Twp has had his music  compared to Eminem , Kanye , & Ll Cool J & has been featured In publications ranging from urban magazines to music magazines. Twp just released 

" Dreams To Reality " making his total catalog 14 albums , 6 ep's , 8 singles , with over 400000 independently earned streams & several music videos over 10 thousand plays each.  Add all this to the fact Twp has performed 164 shows in 2 countries ( including opening for Canadian sensations " Demi-Gods , American Sensation Blake Selby & performing at Carivaughan Festival " ) , you suddenly fall in love with the  experienced Hip-hop entertainer he is.   Twp is gaining more & more attention for his intricate lyricism , universal themes , family friendly image & fan orientated philosophy.  Creating music that spans all styles from trap , club , family & radio, Twp is A rising star always creating content in this high paced streaming world  or as one fan described him " A cleaner , classier , family friendly form of Eminem " 

 Twizm Whyte Piece ( T.w.p.)  Is unsigned & Managed by Bruce Glasgow 

Never Give Up

Twizm Whyte Piece Multi Award Winning hiphop Entertainer  indianapolis indiana best rapper

This Is Your Life... Live It the Way You Want But Whatever You do ... Live It To The Fullest Experiencing Every breath And Savoring every Minute  

Live Life in Song

Twizm Whyte Piece Indianas #1 Rapper And Multi Award Winning Performer

My Music Is a Reflection Of The Life I Have Lived ... The Trials and The Struggles .. The Fun and The Money .. The Endless Quest To become The Next Hiphop / Rap Superstar And Show The World That An Iconic White Hiphop Artist Does Exist .. If Eminem Equals 2pac Then Twizm Equals Biggie  

Be Inspired by Everything

Twizm Whyte Piece Multi Award Winning hiphop Entertainer  indianapolis indiana best rapper

I find inspiration all around me... The World Is Full Of Artists bringing The Wrong Message..   I try to make my music representative of myself , my generation ,  & For Future Generations .. I Enjoy Experiencing This Life to The Fullest In Every Way 


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Hidden Prophecy Mixtape (zip)


Colt City - Twizm Whyte Piece (mp3)


Dead President's - Twizm Whyte Piece (mp3)


Twizm Whyte Piece - 100 (mp3)


Twizm Whyte Piece - The Seduction (mp3)


Unstoppable - Twizm Whyte Piece (mp4)


I Own A 24/7 Radio Station Called Fcr247