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Twizm Whyte Piece ,  born Alexander Sanders In Page , Arizona  , Aka  T.w.p.  is a multi award winning artist / performer/ ceo of Fcr247 radio station. This unique & refreshing entertainer Is moving mountains amidst the meaningless masses. An iconic caucasian artist whose name means -T.he W.orld IZ M.ine - is a father Of 5 children married to the same mother of all 5 kids. Having chosen to pursue the street life as a gang member selling guns  & drugs  until getting addicted to his own product that eventually led him down a path spiraling out of control with  addictions , shootings , jail , prison & more. After losing his wife , kids , freedom , & self , Twp hit the very bottom. In 2008 Twp evolved into something more than his past self  & after overcoming all these trials & tribulations Twp started a brand new journey becoming  an independent unsigned entertainment talent winning multiple awards ( 2x - Poze Productions Ep of the Month , 1x -Akademia Awards Album of the Month , 1x - Akademia Ep Of The Month , 2nd Place 2015 Spreaker Awards Dj of The yr , 1x - 3 rd place Spreaker show of the yr With 2 Loco Radio , TRV Countdown 2x Video Of The Day  ) & garnering thousands of fans while creating years of memories. Twp Is a masterful lyricist possessing a new age style that is smooth & breezy yet confidant & relatable. Twp has had his music  compared to Eminem , Kanye , & Ll Cool J & has been featured In 9 different publications ranging from urban magazines to music magazines. Twizm Whyte Piece has just released his 14th album titled " Dreams To Reality " to heavy fan anticipation & for good cause because this creative Gemini  born May 22nd , 1983 has created 14 albums , 6 eps , 8 singles , has over 300000 independently earned streams & several music videos with over 10 thousand plays each.  When you add all this info to the fact Twp has performed 163 shows in 2 countries ( including opening for Canadian sensations " Demi-Gods , American Sensation Blake Selby & performing at Carivaughan Festival " ) , you suddenly fall in love with the  experienced Hiphop entertainer he is.   Twp is gaining more & more attention for his intricate lyricism , universal themes , family friendly image & fan orientated philosophy.  Creating music that spans all styles from trap , club , family & radio, Twizm Whyte Piece is A rising star always creating content in this high paced streaming world  or as one fan described him " A cleaner , classier , family friendly form of Eminem" ( "Big " Lou Russo - 2015 )  ******** Twizm Whyte Piece ( T.w.p.)  Is unsigned & Managed by Bruce Glasgow  -  Sponsored By BandSDesigns  - 

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This album holds your attention from start to finish because of the lyrics, but also the music – the solid production all throughout, offers a perfect background to the blazing poetry. It’s so rare nowadays to have an album which has that kind of artistic integrity throughout.

Not just content on bringing words together, Twizm Whyte Piece explores the choices of life in all its different facets. In that regard “Dreams To Reality” more than fascinates. It marks the return of quality emceeing in the current musical climate.

TuneLoud Review Staff - September 26 - 2019 

Twizm Whyte Piece: “Betrayal” – hip-hop roots paired with some modern grandiose - Rick Jamm October 29th , 2018

“TWP 3:16”, is in my opinion, one of the best all-around rap albums so far in the New Year. It’s well rounded and has an addictingly good sound. Real music. That’s the brand, the motivation and quite noticeably, the theme of each Twizm Whyte Piece produces, with his latest being no exception to that brand.  - Buddy Nelson Febuary 4th , 2018 

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this album, is how many rappers fail to impress after a couple of releases –  they have no idea who the fuck they are. And as such drag listeners around dead-end streets while they fake street cred and spit unlikely rhymes that have nothing to do with their persona. That has never happened to Twizm Whyte Piece on any of his releases, and continues not to happen on “A Different Breed”.  Jacob Aiden

March 31st - 2017 

 An outstanding authentic entertainer ready to rock the world - Karen Bodden - Super Fan - Facebook  - June 13 th , 2017 

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